Private breeding farm in The Netherlands.

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We're a small private breeder from The Netherlands.

We breed Registered Miniature Donkeys. Small, friendly, sound, healthy and adorable! The smallest type of the donkey breed. Also known as Mediterranean Miniature donkeys, Sicilian donkeys or Sardinian donkeys or American miniature donkeys or Belgian miniature donkeys and probably many more names. MICRO mini donkeys are the smallest / tiniest miniature donkeys.

But mostly they are all called MINI DONKEYS.


All our donkeys are microchipped, do have a EU passport with extended pedigree and they all are also registered with the ADMS (American Donkey and Mule Society).

The Miniature Donkey Registry (MDR) - now ADMS - was created in 1958 and contains the most complete record of Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys in the world. 

The ADMS is the registry for the National Miniature Donkey Association (NMDA).

Our donkeys are vaccinated, wormed and receive regular teeth + hoof care.

We breed for personality, character and conformation. All donkeys bred by us are properly imprinted immediately after birth and will love your attention and enjoy human companionship.



We usually do have some of our mini donkeys for sale: mare - stallion - gelding - foal's, severall colors.


Welcome anytime.

Just give us a call if you want more info or to schedule a visit. Thank you.


Calling from abroad: +31 6 104 515 36

In the Netherlands: 06 104 515 36


email: info @


We are located in:


nearby Amsterdam, The Netherlands







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